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Open joint stock company
Voronovo Farm Equipment

The company manufactures special-purpose agricultural semi-trailer PSS-25 and roll-type tractor semi-trailer PTR-12S for transport of rolls with a lifting capacity of 12 tonnes. The company has a certificate for design and production of the feed transportation machines PTK-10. The prototypes of PT-20S and PT-15S have been designed. The company also produces the tipping semi-trailers PT-15S and PT-20S. The company operates the ISO-9001-2001 quality system.

The company takes an active part in regional, national and international exhibitions with a view to expanding the sale markets.

The company is exploring the markets of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Contact information:

Abbreviated name – OAO Voronovo Farm Equipment

Alexander Magazinshchikov,

Legal Address:
Boyary village, Voronovo District, Grodno Oblast, 231391, Republic of Belarus

Postal Address:
Boyary village, Voronovo District, Grodno Oblast, 231391, Republic of Belarus

Phone: 8 (01594) 30308
Fax: 8 (01594) 30308

Brief description of investment projects proposed by companies of Glubokoye District

The Economy Department of the Glubokoye District Executive Committee
42 Lenina Street, Glubokoye, 211800

OAO Kuptsov

1 Lenina Street, Glubokoye, Vitebsk Oblast, 211793

The company processes fresh and frozen green peas, frozen corn, dried beans.

The company has:

a workshop with an integrated green pea processing line and a production laboratory;

a gas-fired boiler with supply lines;

an air compressor;

a transformer box;

water consumption and water discharge facilities;

an industrial pipeline network;

self-propelled pea harvester PLOEGER EPD-538, made in 2013

Project to set up green pea processing facility at OAO Kuptsov
Project objective: to set up a facility for processing of green peas
Investment: acquisition of manufacturing facilities with the total area of 5,511 square meters through auction. A 4.3-hectare land plot
Price of the lot: $797,000
Form of participation: a tender
Project status: investment proposal

Podsvilye Winery
70 Sovietskaya Street, Podsvilye, 211797
Output capacity:
production of fruit wine – 685,000 decaliters,
bottling of grape wine – 50,000 decaliters,
production of liqueurs and spirits – 65,000 decaliters,
preparation and processing of apples and berries – 4,900 tonnes.

The overall vessel capacity is 585,300 decaliters, including 54,000 decaliters in the new blending unit (27 vessels).

Production of fruit vodka

Project objective: production of fruit vodka

Investment: $479,000

Form of participation: establishment of a joint enterprise (venture)

There is a production area of 4,778 square meters with a vessel capacity of 399,800 decaliters.

Project status: investment proposal

Supply of gas to boiler shop of production facility

Project objective: renovation of the boiler shop and switching it to gas

Investment: $545,000

Form of participation: establishment of a joint enterprise (venture), share participation

Project status: investment proposal

OAO Konstantinov Dvor
Village of Koroby-2, Glubokoye District, 211822

OAO Konstantinov Dvor is a major agricultural enterprise. Its farming lands occupy 8,813ha, including 4,738ha of plough lands and 4,008ha of meadows, of which improved lands represent 2,761ha (69%). Leguminous and legume-grass plants occupy 3,368ha, allowing to harvest at least 30 centners of forage units per head of cattle. The company’s dairy herd counts 1,400 head. The company employs 268 people. The product output breakdown:
milk – 33.9%;
cattle husbandry products – 17.1%;
crop husbandry products – 38.5%.

The company is located near urban areas, has access roads, is connected to the power grid and has water supply.

construction of a dairy farm for 1,000 milking herd head at OAO Konstantinov Dvor

Project objective: increasing the company’s output and export

Investment: $3.1 million

Form of participation: direct involvement in the project or share participation in the joint venture

Project status: pre-investment


Housing and utility services provider of Glubokoye District

9 Lomonosova Pereulok, Glubokoye, 211800

The Glubokoye District housing and utility services provider currently collects, purifies, and distributes drinking water, provides heating energy, collects and disposes of solid waste and offers other utility services.

Creating conditions for comfortable and energy-saving lighting in Glubokoye

Project objective: improving the town’s outdoor lighting by introducing energy-saving technologies

Investment: $693,700

Form of participation: direct investment
Project status: investment proposal